Tea mix

Relax and take a minute to enjoy a real fresh cup of tea with The Gardians Tea mix. Just add your fresh Melissa, Mint or Thymus Lemon to a cup of hot water and enjoy. You are in control of the growing process, no additives, just your love and attention.


Accompany your tea with a tasty pie using one of these herbs to add some extra flavour. The varieties to use these herbs are limitless.


  • 3 x 2 Plugs (Melissa, Mint & Thymus Lemon)
  • 19,5 x 3 x 11,5 cm


The Gardians Tea mix consist of six young plants, which are ready to be rooted in soil. The smart packaging of The Gardians makes sure the young plants stay fresh during transport. Once you receive The Gardians Tea mix you can take the young plants out of the packaging and put the young plants in soil. Make sure they receive enough water! If you don’t have time immediately, you can keep the packaging in your refrigerator up to 5 days.

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