“The Orchid”

No better way to surprise someone you love (or yourself) with a beautiful orchid. The diversity of these plants makes it the perfect gift for different occasions.

Each package contains 2 individual orchids, white or pink. Each plant is supplied with a WaterWick Inside system and a stylish plant pot. The packages will be sealed with our own patented foil which makes is it easy to send the package via the mail and ensures fresh and beautiful plants on arrival.

With its diverse colors and fragrant bloom The Gardians Orchids will enrich every environment. The packaging of every new product that we add to our line is developed in a way that fits perfectly in the supply chain of the e-commerce. Making it easy for you to order them online.

We’ve created different designs on the packages to add that extra touch to your gift.


Easy to take care of

Each orchid is delivered in a little plant pot and WaterWick ClickStick, a self-watering system for plants. The WaterWick ClickStick is a little patented blue and white rope, which draws water from a reservoir and provides any plant with the exact right amount of water. You don’t have to worry about watering the plants anymore, just provide the reservoir with enough water and the plants do the work themselves.


Quality & Design

Our orchids are grown by Opti-flor. A family owned company, currently in charge of the 3rd generation. Rene and Marco Hendriks, cousins, add color and style to millions of homes, offices and hotel lobbies all over the world. They keep focusing on developing the best orchids.

These orchids are of such good quality, world’s most famous designers use them to add to their creations.

Only the best is good enough for Opti-flor and that’s why The Gardians was delighted to add their orchids to our collection.