When small becomes great

Adding that extra green in your life will make you feel happier. They don’t just look good, they are good for you as well.

The Jungle Plant mixes are the newest edition to a growing range of products that are part of The Gardians collection. In collaboration with V.D.E. Plants, The Gardians developed a line with a diversity of little house plants (two mini plants per box). Each plant is supplied with a WaterWick system and a stylish plant pot.


Easy to take care of

Each plant is delivered in a little plant pot and WaterWick ClickStick, a self-watering system for plants. The WaterWick ClickStick is a little patented blue and white rope, which draws water from a reservoir and provides any plant with the exact right amount of water. You don’t have to worry about watering the plants anymore, just provide the reservoir with enough water and the plants do the work themselves.


Expect the best

V.D.E. plants is a family owned company currently run by the 3rd generation. Their passion and enthousiasm for creating and growing a rich variety is inspirational. V.D.E. grows the most beautiful and highest quality plants. The plants V.D.E. grow aren't just pleasant to the eye, they've focussed on growing plants for a healthy lifestyle.

As V.D.E. says; plants aren't just fun, they contribute to a happy life. We totally couldn't agree more. By combining our qualities, we've created The Gardians Jungle Mix and made ordering these amazing little plants a little easier for you.