“Grow your own”

Choose between four different mixes of baby herbs. Nurtured by the best grower, Hishtil, to guarantee you with the best young herb plants available. Strong enough to grow into big tasty plants.

With The Gardians growing your own herbs is easy. These little ones are developed to survive. We’ve done the hardest part for you; from seed till little plant. With some love and attention these little plants will grow to be big beautiful herb plants. Unlike the herb plants you can buy in the stores, The Gardians will keep growing as long as you take care of them. Harvest immediately whenever you want to add the freshest seasoning for your dishes.

High Quality & Smart Packaging

Grower - Hishtil

Hishtil is a world leader in the production of seedlings and young herbs, ornamentals and vegetables. Renowned for being at the forefront of knowledge based plant propagation of the best quality.

Sharing their innovative approach and passion for combining horticulture expertise and industry awareness with the benefits of cutting-edge technology led to the development of The Gardians concept.

All our herbs mixes come directly from Hishtil.

Smart Packaging

By using a patented perforated foil that prolongs the viability and shelf life of the plants, we have made it possible to keep herbs (a very delicate plant) fresh, clean and healthy in its package for up to 7 - 10 days. The sealed foil creates a controlled environment in the box and takes care of the emission of released substances. The combination between the foil and the package offers a new way of handling plants in e-commerce.

We provide two different size packages. Each package consist of 3 different herbs. One with 18 plugs and a smaller one with 6 plugs. They both have the same quality young plants, the same mixes available and are packaged in the same way. Each package size is designed to fit perfectly in standard boxes