About us

✓ Easy to order online
Highest quality plants
Innovative packaging
Watering system included

✓ Easy to order online
Highest quality plants
Innovative packaging
Watering system included

Who are we?

We are a group of young ambitious people who believe ordering plants online and taking care of them at home should be easy in every way.

What did we do?

We’ve made it easy to order plants online and take care of them at home by developing an innovative way to package plants.

How did we do this?

Easy to order
The Gardians product line consists of different packaged plants, all designed with the whole supply chain in mind. By using a patented perforated foil that prolongs the viability and shelf life of the plants, we have made it possible to keep, for example, herbs (a very delicate plant) fresh, clean and healthy in its package for up to 7 - 10 days. The sealed foil creates a controlled environment in the box and takes care of the emission of released substances. The combination between the foil and the package offers a new way of handling plants in e-commerce. Each package size for example is designed to fit perfectly in standard boxes.

Easy to take care of at home
The plants are produced and supplied by the world’s best growers, to guarantee high quality plants all year round. We provided you with success induced plants to give you a head start. The orchids and Jungle plants are delivered with a WaterWick Inside; a self-watering system for plants. No more worries about watering plants anymore, just provide the reservoir with enough water and the plants do the work themselves. Find out more about this system.


Why The Gardians?

Value quality and green surroundings at home, but lack time to take care of plants or go the garden center to begin with? The Gardians plants might be the solution you didn’t know you were looking for. With our variety of plants we have something for every everyone.

  • Love cooking with fresh ingredients & fresh herbs and like to grow them yourselves? Take a look at our Herb Mixes here!
  • Looking for a beautiful gift to surprise a loved one or just looking for a flower to bright up any room? Find out more about the highest quality beautiful orchids here.
  • Want to add that extra green that will make you feel happier, not just by looking at it, but also from the purifying effects these plants have? Check out the Jungle Mixes here.

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