The Gardians

‘’The Gardians is a worldwide community that will inspire,
facilitate and supply the most awesome plants to the retail and end consumers’’

Easy does it
Making it easy to order, to grow, and have beautiful, tasty and healthy plants is what The Gardians is all about. The hard part is over, we provide your customers with a success induced young plant, which is ready to root and develop in a beautiful home, garden, office or balcony. Easy to come by, an inspiring selection and easy to grow.

The next and new
The Gardians is your partner in the fast changing world of a green lifestyle. We research the consumer trends and needs, we select the worlds best growers and identify the best places to position our product.

Linked in
We are the link between a worldwide network of prominent growers, top-retailers and green ambassadors. Together we join forces in order to develop the full supply chain and make all plants available for the end consumer. The Gardians will supply the most awesome, healthy and top quality plants, with smart packaging and stunning branding.

The Gardians is the start for a green lifestyle. The Gardians are the missing link in green you didn’t know you were missing. From lots of inspiration to real products in your hands, The Gardians has it all!

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What’s available?

Italian Mix


Food is in the soul of the Italian culture. Herbs are essential in the Italian kitchen. The herbs which you can find in this ‘grow your own’ mix of The Gardians are gems for your Italian cooking.

In this Italian mix you’ll find Basil, Oregano & Rosemary. These are the herbs which make the Italian dishes taste as good as they do. Make your already tasty Italian dishes even better, by adding these beautiful herbs that are not only fresh but also home grown. Do as the real Italians do, make it fresh, tasty and beautiful.

Barbeque Mix


Is there a better way to spend your summer BBQ with family and friends? Yes there is! With your own grown fresh herbs! With The Gardians BBQ Mix you can make your upcoming barbeque even more special. The BBQ Mix contains Rosemary, Oregano & Thymus. With these herbs, the options are limitless, both on and off the barbeque. Season your meat, enrich your sauces or flavour your drinks. With your own grown BBQ herbs, you’ll definitely impress your friends!

Tea Mix


Relax and take a minute to enjoy a real fresh cup of tea with The Gardians Tea Mix. Just add your fresh Melissa, Mint or Thymus Lemon to a cup of hot water and enjoy. You are in control of the growing process, no additives, just your love and attention.

Accompany your tea with a good piece of pie using one of these herbs to add some extra flavor. The varieties to use these herbs are limitless, but a cup of tea is a nice way to start your freshly own grown herbs experience.

Salad Mix


Ever tried to add herbs to your salad? This trick will make you never want to go without it again. The Gardians Salad Mix is a perfect combination of herbs, which will add that special touch of flavour to your salad, which you didn’t know it missed.

Basil, Parsley & Oregano are the three herbs that will make your salad perfect! As they are home grown they are therefor the perfect addition to a really healthy meal.

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